July 1, 2020

Who Can I File a Claim Against for Sexual Abuse?

Child sexual abuse is one of the most horrific crimes anyone can go through. Survivors of abuse often face unimaginable challenges as they grow into adulthood, including emotional, physical, and mental trauma.

Because of the devastating impact of sexual abuse, many survivors decide to file a civil claim against abusers and those related to the abuse.

One of the main reasons childhood abuse victims decide to file a civil claim against their abusers is to hold their abusers accountable for their crimes in the court law. Confronting abusers in civil court not only holds them accountable for their actions but may help prevent the abuse of children in the future.

In many cases, survivors of childhood abuse are not limited to suing the perpetrator of the abuse alone. In crimes of sexual abuse, you can file a claim against any person, organization, or institution directly or indirectly involved with the abuse.

Some examples of defendants in sexual abuse cases may include the following people/organizations/institutions:

  • Family members
  • Accomplices
  • Churches, clergy members, religious volunteers
  • Public and private schools, teachers, and administrators
  • Places of business
  • Employer(s)
  • Youth organizations, clubs, and daycares
  • Etc.

When you consult with an experienced sexual abuse attorney, like the ones who have partnered with No More Abuse USA, you may discuss other affiliated people or institutions related to your case. These individuals or organizations could be found liable for your abuse.

Were You a Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

If you were a victim of sexual abuse as a child, you may be able to seek justice and compensation for your abuse. Many survivors decide to file a claim against their abusers not only to hold them accountable in a court of law but to recover compensation for losses caused by abuse.

We understand that compensation cannot reverse the crimes of the past. But many abuse victims have found that a cash award has helped cover financial burdens caused by abuse. Losses abuse victims typically file for compensation for include pain & suffering, loss of wages, cost of therapy, and diminished quality of life.

To speak to a legal representative today about your case, reach out to us at 1.833.5.NOMORE. We offer free, no-obligation case evaluations, so you never pay anything out of pocket for our services.

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